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Just two days after they finished filming in June, Gérard Burgan passed away (crew member Sébastien Quérité announced the sad news here).
He was such a constant in Pierrefonds, always helpful, lovely and larksome. He will be greatly missed. :( :( :(

Date: 31/7/12 16:23 (UTC)
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I never went there but of course it's always sad to hear of anyone passing. Especially people who are well liked by many, as he seems to have been. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'll think of him and pray for his family and close friends.
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User [ profile] merlin_net referenced to your post from Updates 31 July: Tributes to Gérard Burgan, filming tweets, and SDCC interview videos ( saying: [...] Merlin ■ chayiana [...]

Date: 1/8/12 11:13 (UTC)
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Oh no, that's so sad :(
He was really nice and funny! We'll miss him!

Date: 4/8/12 23:47 (UTC)
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I'm so glad you posted this... Well, glad isn't the right word! Or maybe it is, as everyone has such fond memories of Gerard, and it's been lovely to revisit those, even in the sadness of losing him.

These photos are delightful, and are so very him. Thank you for sharing them. Whatever we all believe in, however we think these things work, I can't believe for a moment that Gerard isn't touched by your kind thoughts.


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