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... only they were called Parry and Mick in a play with the affectionate name "Our boys", a play I can only recommend - hilariously funny, but heartbreaking at the same time. The humour went - quite literally - below the belt a lot of times... and we were just cracking up!!!! LOL

My friend from Austria (who I met in my English class) and I were also extremely lucky: It was the opening night, meaning today and the next few days are still previews and all prices are down by £10. So instead of £45, the stalls were only £35. Unfortunately, that was still too much for my friend, so we decided to take the rear of the dress circle (after we were promised the view would be very good as well), which was only £10 per seat. But after we had paid, the guy at the box office announced with a wide grin on his face he had put us in the stalls anyway - in the middle of the 5th row... amazing seats!!! How brilliant is that? :D

After the play I did what every good fan is always doing... I joined the crowd at the stage door (while my friend was watching from the sidelines, she's not really into the whole "being a fan" thingy ^^)! :D We didn't have to wait long, before the cast came out. Arthur, Matthew and the rest of the cast were absolutely lovely and they signed just everything we gave them and were happy to take pictures with the fans.

I think I fell a little bit in love with Arthur... what a lovely bloke! :)

Alas, I wasn't able to take good pics, but I got signatures from all of them! YAY!




Short review of the press night (3/10/12), where I missed David Tennant, Matt Smith, Andrew Lee Potts and Billie Piper! *cries*
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