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At Driver Picks The Music and Art Of Vidding are some "Best of the Best" polls to vote for your favourite vid, make sure to head over and watch loads of amazing vids!!! :D

Okay, I normally won't do this sort of thing, but some of my vids are nominated, too, and hey, who am I to refuse the chance to put these nice "Vote for me!" buttons on my livejournal? :P

Nominated vids:

The Darkness within
The Lost Button
This Night

Nominated vid:

This Night (in 2 categories)
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... who voted for me! ♥

Perhaps you remember I did this shameless self-promoting thing...but then I watched the other vids which were nominated, and I kinda dispaired. O__O Gosh, they were all so good! And also, when it comes to viewer's choice there's a lot of personal likings and such involved, so, I was absolutely stunned when I found out that both of my vids got a runner-up award in their categories!!! YAY!

Aren't they just fab? I'm so happy, thanks again!!! :D:D:D

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... who won tonight! :D

Right after Lena won the Eurovision Song Contest (Congratulations! Great job!), they announced the winners and contenders for the 5th Creative Junkyard Awards.

304 entries
125 finalists
36 winners

These are incredible numbers, aren't they? I mean, look at it... 304 submitted vids!!! That's amazing! O_o

I submitted 2 vids, and while one of it got nothing (which isn't bad at all, because it was already among the finalists), the other one did pretty well! Honestly, I can't believe it... YAAAAYYYYYYYY!!! *bounces happily* This really was a great day! London Expo (which was great as well, pics are coming later ;o)), Lena winning the ESC, and then me winning some lovely awards! This is just... - what did Lena say?- CRAZY!! *lol*

Awards...this way! :D )
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Creative Junkyard Awards just announced the winners and contenders for the 4th round for which I submitted my Merlin&Freya vid "You're Safe Now" and to be perfectly honest, I still don't believe the outcome... O_o

But see for yourself... )
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Hey guys,

I just had to show them. Two of my vids won an award in the BOTB3 (Best Of The Best) round at Driver Picks The Music Vidding Awards.
*bounces happily*

And here they are:


Aren't they cool? :D

P.S. The first one is supposed to be animated...not a clue why it's not moving *aargh*. When you click on it, it does, but not here...ideas anyone? Huh?

EDIT: Gotcha!!!!! xD Thanks to [ profile] iolandasblog 's hint, I remembered that the DPTM awards don't work with LJ, don't ask me why, they just don't. All other gif-animated stuff is working fine...^^
Aaaaaanyway, I uploaded it to photobucket and look, it's moving!! *lol* Yay!

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 ... ja, so ungefaehr in dieser Reihenfolge lief mein WE und der Montagmorgen ab.

Das Erfreuliche war an diesem WE fuer mich, dass ... )


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