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At Driver Picks The Music and Art Of Vidding are some "Best of the Best" polls to vote for your favourite vid, make sure to head over and watch loads of amazing vids!!! :D

Okay, I normally won't do this sort of thing, but some of my vids are nominated, too, and hey, who am I to refuse the chance to put these nice "Vote for me!" buttons on my livejournal? :P

Nominated vids:

The Darkness within
The Lost Button
This Night

Nominated vid:

This Night (in 2 categories)
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Honestly, if anyone told me this a year ago, I definitely would've called him mad...


I love the 11th Doctor already! I think he's brilliant, as is Amy! I thoroughly enjoyed today's episode. I mean, Ten will still be *my* doctor for all of eternity, but hell yeah, Eleven was amazing! And I'm all excited about the new series. Saturday evenings are saved! YAY! :D
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Using only EPISODE names from ONE TV SHOW, cleverly answer these questions.
Try not to repeat an episode title. It’s a lot harder than you think!
Repost as “My life according to ...”

Let's see...  )
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After last night's "Tonight's the night" mini episode of Doctor Who I just had to make some icons. Hope you like them.

As usual please comment and credit. Don't hotlink! Blanks can be used as basics. I'm not so good with words... ^^



   and the rest... ) 

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I've been in Cardiff this weekend, and it was lovely.

Although I arrived when it was raining, cold, and just miserable, the Saturday and Sunday were really sunny and warm ... got myself a sunburn. ^^

Alas, no filming of Doctor Who that weekend, but Cardiff is worth a visit nonetheless.

Of course I took a whole bunch of pics, and because I just can't decide which of them I should upload, I set up a "Flickr" account. ^^
And by the way, I already reduced the number of pics from 369 to 182 ... :P So, if you wanna have a look, look here!

And you might recognise some filming locations as well ... have fun! :o)

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A few of you were already forced to watch a first draft of this ... *gg* but now - finally - I finished it.

Basically, it's just a good mood vid about the 10th Doctor, you might say it's kind of a tribute, too. I tried to picture as many as possible of his heroic, goofy and just fluffy moments. And I don't know if I even should say this, but I kinda avoided all the kisses ... don't ask me why ... not a clue ... I just did. *lol*

Anyway, I hope you like it ...

This way... )
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it's been a while since [ profile] iolandasblog and I were at the Doctor Who Exhibition, but finally, I managed to put a little vid together with the pics I took there. It's nothing special, more kind of a slide show, but anyway ... have fun! And beware of the cybermen! xD

Youtube (watch in HQ!!!)
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David Tennant wird keine 5. Staffel mehr machen. *schnief*

Dabei wollte ich heute abend nur schoen die Verleihung des NTA Awards hier in England (einer der wichtigsten Awards ueberhaupt) geniessen und sehen, wie Doctor Who und David Tennant abraeumen ... okay, das haben sie ja auch getan, aber bei seiner Dankesrede musste David Tennant leider tatsaechlich verkuenden, dass er den Tardisschluessel weitergibt, nachdem er die Specials naechstes Jahr gemacht hat.

Ich meine, es war toll ... sie haben wirklich in der Pause der heutigen Hamlet-Auffuehrung eine Live-Schaltung nach Stratford gemacht. Und er war so cute, so wirklich voller Dankbarkeit ... richtig bewegend, aber als dann das "but" kam, war klar, worauf es hinauslaufen sollte (zumal der Guardian ja schon etwas zu voreilig die Meldung fuer kurze Zeit vorher online gestellt hatte).

Okay, ich kann ihn auch irgendwie verstehen. Der ganze Hype, der um ihn herum entstanden ist und die Tatsache, dass seine Performance selbst jetzt bei den Shakespeare-Stuecken immer wieder mit seiner Darstellung des Doctors verglichen wird ... das kann auch einfach mal zu viel werden. Und David Tennant ist nun mal nicht nur der Doctor ... er ist verdammt noch mal soooo viel mehr. Er ist einfach momentan der beste Schauspieler, den ich kenne. Und er hat ganz sicher mehr verdient, als immer nur auf den Doctor reduziert zu werden. So! :D

Es ist schade, ganz sicher .. ich hatte instaendig gehofft, dass er noch eine Staffel machen wuerde, aber nun freue ich mich erst mal auf die Specials naechstes Jahr und dann auf hoffentlich viel mehr geniale Filme mit ihm ... und vielleicht macht er dann ja auch wieder mehr Theater? Das waer fast noch besser ... *gg*
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I just finished my little "Duck patrol" run. It's such a cute little series that I had to make a few icons for it. ^^
It's just the four of them and nothing special, but maybe you'll like them ...

And I've got also three other Doctor icons I recently made. I'm really not that icon-maker-person type, but sometimes it just gets me ... ;o)

Here they are ... )

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I won! *does the happy dancing*

and that's what happened ... )
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After I delivered a quite sad vid the last time, I thought this time it must be something funny ...
I suppose you could also say it's kind of a tribute to Donna! :P

And here it comes ... )

Have fun! :o)

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I managed to finish my first pure doctor vid! YAY!! )
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Okay, after me giving [ profile] lorien_79  a sleepless night, maybe some of her readers might think "What the hell is she babbling about?" ^^

So, I thought, it's time to do some explanations ... Okay, guys, major spoilers for "Remnants" ahead!

Don't say I didn't warn you ... )


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