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Like I promised, here's the last video containing just some random stuff between shots. There're some mild spoilers, e.g. cast, costume and/or prop spoilers, but nothing too serious. ;) Other warnings: Bad singing! Sorry! *lol*

I hope to sort out my pics as well, but this will only happen after I'm back from London, probably around beginning of October. Until then I hope you'll have some fun with this:

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Hi there!

This video is all about what they actually filmed this time in Pierrefonds, so, beware of SPOILERS!!! There'll be one other video with some funny, mostly unspoiler-y insights of what happens on set between shots. But for now, have this and enjoy! :D

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Although there's a whole lot more to come (pics + vids), I'm starting with the end - the moment, when cast and crew were leaving the castle for what may have been the last time ever. I just needed to get this one done...

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So, [ profile] iolandasblog told me about this hobby of hers... crocheting amigurumi! You never heard of it? Me neither! *lol* I mean, I did some crocheting ages ago in school, I even made a shirt for my Mon-chichi back then, but I usually stayed away from anything to do with needleworks and stuff. But when she told me about it, something intrigued me to try it myself. So, I bought wool and a crochet hook and made my first amigurumi:


Yeah, I know the beak turned out a tiny little bit too big and it somehow sits almost on its forehead, but hey, it was a first! :D But you've to admit it's kinda cute, isn't it? ^^

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... or at least, not right now. Maybe I'll post something once the series has aired... I don't know...

Originally, I fully intended to post the stuff I filmed in Pierrefonds, even when the crew asked us not to:

Naively, I believed I could contain everything within my livejournal, well wrapped up in spoiler tags, so, that anyone who didn't want to be spoiled, wouldn't. But after posting my picture post, I woke up to reality. It's not possible to contain stuff like that within my very own spoiler tags, it simply isn't! My pics appeared openly just everywhere; Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, you name it! I'm not blaming just everyone who re-posted my pics. I'm very well aware of the fact, that they could've found those pics via google without having the chance to read my "not re-posting policy" right away (at least not without tracking back to my entry, which would've been 2 clicks tops), but I'm quite sure, that there're also those people who just snatch my pics and post them anyway despite having read my plea not to post them anywhere else. Bottom line is, I can't trust people or respectively the internet in general, and because I won't go against the crew's wishes any more than I already did, I decided to not post any further spoilers, especially not the stuff I filmed in Pierrefonds (at least not yet).

I'm sorry, but I hope you'll understand.
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Hi guys,

I've got some pics for you, but first I'd like to announce some new rules:

Please DO NOT post any of these pics elsewhere! You may link to this entry, that's perfectly fine, but no hot-linking either. You also may use the non-spoilery pics or non-spoilery parts of the spoiler pics for icon making, etc. (with giving proper credit, of course). Thanks a lot for your understanding! :o)

I know this sounds kinda harsh, but the crew asked us to not spoil the outside world, and I also have my personal reasons for it. So, I'm taking a leap of faith here and sincerely hope you'll respect that, of which I'm sure you will. :o)

Now we cleared that up, let's move on to the pics. The first set of pics under the cut contains only non-spoilery pics, the spoilery ones can be found behind a spoiler tag further down.

Pics ahead! )
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At Driver Picks The Music and Art Of Vidding are some "Best of the Best" polls to vote for your favourite vid, make sure to head over and watch loads of amazing vids!!! :D

Okay, I normally won't do this sort of thing, but some of my vids are nominated, too, and hey, who am I to refuse the chance to put these nice "Vote for me!" buttons on my livejournal? :P

Nominated vids:

The Darkness within
The Lost Button
This Night

Nominated vid:

This Night (in 2 categories)
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just in time before I'll be heading to London, I finished the final vid from my time in Pierrefonds. As usual there'll be a few cast and plot spoilers in the vid. Hope you'll enjoy it! :o)

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Hi guys,

I'd love to write a full report with witty remarks and descriptions for every single pic, but I just don't have the time...sorry, RL is a busy bitch at the moment! ;o) But what I *can* do is to just dump some (about 200 ^^) pics on you! :D But be careful, there might be spoilers in the pics... LOL

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This time I start with two vids of my time in Pierrefonds. Don't worry, there'll be some picture posts as well, just bear with me! :DThere'll be at least one more vid, so, stay tuned if you like... ;o)
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How exciting is this??? \0/  Huge thanks to BJsRealm on Youtube for posting it! YAY!
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Sorry, guys, I'm no big picture post or detailed report, just a few nice faces you might recognise. ;)

There're still spoilers in the pics, and maybe later in the comments...

Here we go... )
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I actually did it...

It's been about three years that I last made a vid for a challenge, never had the time, the motivation, the right idea...well, you know how things are sometimes... but then I stumbled over ETV's July 'One-Line Vidlet' challenge and actually had an idea right away...YEAH! :D

So, here it is... hope you like it. :o)

Oh, and there're already 7 amazing vids for this challenge, make sure you check them out!

Title: It is your fate...
Music: Destiny of Mankind by Two Steps From Hell (part of)
Fandom: Merlin
Genre: overview of some sort
Size: 24 MB (zipped, *wmv)
Length: 39 seconds (w/o credits)

Summary: The path to destiny is not always an easy one.

Download or watch on Vimeo (password: destiny)

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Around August last year, my vidding muse decided she needed some time off...and hasn't been seen ever since, I honestly thought her dead... O_O

But hey, about 2 1/2 weeks ago, she popped in again, more fiercely than ever...she wouldn't leave me be, she wouldn't even let me sleep! I could do nothing but to comply (sleep is overrated anyway, isn't it? ^^). So, and this is latest Merlin vid...hope you like it. :o)


No more pretending, no more lies...this night is going to change everything, but will Arthur understand? )
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I know it took me a while, but at least I'm posting my last vid from May's filming before the next block of filming is starting. ^^

It contains some spoilers (as usual), even one guest character spoiler, but nothing too majorly, I'd say.

Oh, and if you've already watched my "Horseys on the set of Merlin" vid, you'll recognise some of the footage. I couldn't help it, I mean, you can never have enough horsey love, can't you? :D

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Now, here's the second vid of my filming footage from May, it's basically an accompanying piece to one of my previous entries (here! - includes a description/transcript and more BTS pics). It contains one big scene for episode 6 of series 4, including one major, yet easy-to-miss plot spoiler! So, you've been warned! :D

Feel free to link back to this entry from wherever you want...

Enjoy! :o)
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This is the first vid featuring the scenes I've watched being filmed in Pierrefonds. There'll be at least one other vid with further scenes, so, stay tuned, but be patient. ;o)

Oh, and I probably should warn you...this vid definitely contains spoilers for series 4! :D

Hope you'll enjoy it!

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Hi guys,

finally, I'm starting to sort out my vids I filmed in Pierrefonds. It'll definitely take some time as I've got over 200 of them (OMG! How could this happen? O_O).

Anyway, the first proper vid is done. No special scenes or anything too spoiler-y, I suppose, just a bit of fun with the horseys on set.

Hope you like it! There're more to come, but please, be patient with me... ^^

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Okay, guys, normally I don't do this kind of thing, but as they provided such a nice "Vote for me"-button, I'm gonna break this habit of mine. ;o)

"Driver Picks The Music"-Awards are running their 4th Annual Viewers' Choice Award and two of my vids are nominated! YAY! :D So, go and have a look at all these amazing vids (not only mine) and vote until April 16, 2011.

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I'm sure most of you know Casper David Friedrich's painting "Wanderer above the Sea of Fog", and after [ profile] antares04a used it to make a stunning cover for her german SGA fic "Der Nebel", I was inspired to try something similar with Merlin. Alas, I haven't had any picture of Merlin showing me his adorable backside, so, I decided to take a certain promo pic, which I thought was fitting. ;o)

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