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This is my table for the first 20in20 challenge over at [ profile] pofinterest_fic .

For "category" this texture set by [ profile] weapon_icons was used.


2 ImagesMachineActionHomeRescue

5 CATEGORY/Provided Texture Set




If you happen to like them, feel free to snag, but please no hotlinking and some credit would be very much appreciated. :)

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It's spring (well, at least that's what my calendar says), and therefore brand new tv shows are on the rise. I found a couple of them quite interesting... have a look:

ETA: I just realised that the trailer's preview image of the second new series is quite... well, revealing. LOL Sorry for that.


The series is set in the near future, where aliens known collectively as Votans have come to Earth seeking a new home after their solar system was destroyed.

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12/03/2013 17:19
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Since Saturday evening we had about 40 cm (~ 15.7 inches) of snow! That's really a lot for where I live. ;) And even so I can't see the snow anymore (it's the middle of March, for God's sake!!!), it's still beautiful (or just peculiar), isn't it?

So, this morning I took my camera with me...

Have a look! )
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A few days ago I finally set up my dreamwidth account, but I have yet to test the crossposting option. And what better way is there than to drop some icons I made for my latest tv show obsession? ;)

1.  photo FinchBear2_zps69caef70.png   2.    3.  photo Finch1_zpsec8fecc0.png   4.  photo ReeseFinch2_zps019b29d1.png

5.    6.    7.  photo ReeseFinch4_zpscabb6906.png   8.  photo ReeseLeila3_zps66080eb8.png

9.  photo ReeseLeila1_zps516e5e38.png  10.  photo Reese5_zps672be4af.png  11.   12.  photo Reese6_zps17a440c1.png

13.    14.  photo Reese8_zps58b99778.png  15.  photo Reese10_zps5074dac1.png  16.

17.  photo ReeseFinch5_zps09ac251e.png

In case someone's wondering about the last one... I made it with this avatar tool, quite nifty indeed! :D

Hope you like them. :) As always, feel free to snag, but please credit me when using. Comments are ♥♥♥ ! And please, no hotlinking.
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Dies hier ist meine FanArt fuer den [ profile] deutsch_bigbang

Sie ist entstanden fuer die wirklich tolle Geschichte von [ profile] antares04: Der Dschinn

Inhalt: Rodney bekommt ein Geburtstagsgeschenk von
Daniel, das sein Leben von Grund auf umkrempelt. Aber nichts im SGC hat
ihn auch darauf vorbereitet, wie es ist, einen Dschinn mit einem sehr
eigenen Willen daheim zu haben.

Und natuerlich muss es zu einer solchen Geschichte ein Buch geben:

Buchcover )

Und dieses Buch ist nicht nur uns ins Auge gesprungen ... nein, ein paar findige Produzenten haben sich gedacht, dass es dazu auch einen Film geben muesse ...

Tadaaa! )

Link zu Ao3

Ich wuensche allen ein frohes Weihnachtsfest gehabt zu haben und ein guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! :)
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Macht's gut! Es war schön mit euch ... ;)

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... only they were called Parry and Mick in a play with the affectionate name "Our boys", a play I can only recommend - hilariously funny, but heartbreaking at the same time. The humour went - quite literally - below the belt a lot of times... and we were just cracking up!!!! LOL

My friend from Austria (who I met in my English class) and I were also extremely lucky: It was the opening night, meaning today and the next few days are still previews and all prices are down by £10. So instead of £45, the stalls were only £35. Unfortunately, that was still too much for my friend, so we decided to take the rear of the dress circle (after we were promised the view would be very good as well), which was only £10 per seat. But after we had paid, the guy at the box office announced with a wide grin on his face he had put us in the stalls anyway - in the middle of the 5th row... amazing seats!!! How brilliant is that? :D

After the play I did what every good fan is always doing... I joined the crowd at the stage door (while my friend was watching from the sidelines, she's not really into the whole "being a fan" thingy ^^)! :D We didn't have to wait long, before the cast came out. Arthur, Matthew and the rest of the cast were absolutely lovely and they signed just everything we gave them and were happy to take pictures with the fans.

I think I fell a little bit in love with Arthur... what a lovely bloke! :)

Alas, I wasn't able to take good pics, but I got signatures from all of them! YAY!

A couple of pics... )
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Like I promised, here's the last video containing just some random stuff between shots. There're some mild spoilers, e.g. cast, costume and/or prop spoilers, but nothing too serious. ;) Other warnings: Bad singing! Sorry! *lol*

I hope to sort out my pics as well, but this will only happen after I'm back from London, probably around beginning of October. Until then I hope you'll have some fun with this:

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Hi there!

This video is all about what they actually filmed this time in Pierrefonds, so, beware of SPOILERS!!! There'll be one other video with some funny, mostly unspoiler-y insights of what happens on set between shots. But for now, have this and enjoy! :D

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Although there's a whole lot more to come (pics + vids), I'm starting with the end - the moment, when cast and crew were leaving the castle for what may have been the last time ever. I just needed to get this one done...

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New fandom, whole new world to explore... I love it! :D

I'm talking about Grimm. Fantastic little show, especially when you're German. ^^
No time to go into detail, just watch it. It's so worth it, believe me!

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For everyone who watched and loved "House, MD" like I did, and even for everyone else, who never watched the show. ;)

This is just BRILLIANT!!!


(direct link)
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Just two days after they finished filming in June, Gérard Burgan passed away (crew member Sébastien Quérité announced the sad news here).
He was such a constant in Pierrefonds, always helpful, lovely and larksome. He will be greatly missed. :( :( :(

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So, [ profile] iolandasblog told me about this hobby of hers... crocheting amigurumi! You never heard of it? Me neither! *lol* I mean, I did some crocheting ages ago in school, I even made a shirt for my Mon-chichi back then, but I usually stayed away from anything to do with needleworks and stuff. But when she told me about it, something intrigued me to try it myself. So, I bought wool and a crochet hook and made my first amigurumi:


Yeah, I know the beak turned out a tiny little bit too big and it somehow sits almost on its forehead, but hey, it was a first! :D But you've to admit it's kinda cute, isn't it? ^^

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... or at least, not right now. Maybe I'll post something once the series has aired... I don't know...

Originally, I fully intended to post the stuff I filmed in Pierrefonds, even when the crew asked us not to:

Naively, I believed I could contain everything within my livejournal, well wrapped up in spoiler tags, so, that anyone who didn't want to be spoiled, wouldn't. But after posting my picture post, I woke up to reality. It's not possible to contain stuff like that within my very own spoiler tags, it simply isn't! My pics appeared openly just everywhere; Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, you name it! I'm not blaming just everyone who re-posted my pics. I'm very well aware of the fact, that they could've found those pics via google without having the chance to read my "not re-posting policy" right away (at least not without tracking back to my entry, which would've been 2 clicks tops), but I'm quite sure, that there're also those people who just snatch my pics and post them anyway despite having read my plea not to post them anywhere else. Bottom line is, I can't trust people or respectively the internet in general, and because I won't go against the crew's wishes any more than I already did, I decided to not post any further spoilers, especially not the stuff I filmed in Pierrefonds (at least not yet).

I'm sorry, but I hope you'll understand.
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Sometimes there're really no words to describe how beautiful the castle and surrounding area is, especially when weather and light are playing along...

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Hi guys,

I've got some pics for you, but first I'd like to announce some new rules:

Please DO NOT post any of these pics elsewhere! You may link to this entry, that's perfectly fine, but no hot-linking either. You also may use the non-spoilery pics or non-spoilery parts of the spoiler pics for icon making, etc. (with giving proper credit, of course). Thanks a lot for your understanding! :o)

I know this sounds kinda harsh, but the crew asked us to not spoil the outside world, and I also have my personal reasons for it. So, I'm taking a leap of faith here and sincerely hope you'll respect that, of which I'm sure you will. :o)

Now we cleared that up, let's move on to the pics. The first set of pics under the cut contains only non-spoilery pics, the spoilery ones can be found behind a spoiler tag further down.

Pics ahead! )
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At Driver Picks The Music and Art Of Vidding are some "Best of the Best" polls to vote for your favourite vid, make sure to head over and watch loads of amazing vids!!! :D

Okay, I normally won't do this sort of thing, but some of my vids are nominated, too, and hey, who am I to refuse the chance to put these nice "Vote for me!" buttons on my livejournal? :P

Nominated vids:

The Darkness within
The Lost Button
This Night

Nominated vid:

This Night (in 2 categories)
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Yesterday my friend came to visit me and she brought her hubby and her two little girls along. But they didn't come by car or train, no, they just flew in! With a tiny little plane, a Cessna 172S. My friend's hubby has a pilot's licence! :o) And that was the moment my adventure began...a brief scenic flight over the coast of the Baltic Sea, Travemuende and back to Luebeck! :D

Have a look!!! )

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Den Tipp hab ich von [ profile] sinaida und [ profile] antares04, und es macht wirklich Spass! :D Versucht es doch auch mal ...

Deutscher 3 Sentence Ficathon


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